Aluminium gauge holder - TURBO

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Aluminium gauge holder - TURBO

Aluminium holder for additional gauges: eg. Boost, EGT, ...Designed for 52mm diameter gauges.This holder is made out of 15mm thick Aluminium 6082 on a CNC milling machine. Excess of material is removed from the backside to reduce weight to 42 grams.It replace one of the vents in the middle of the dashboard, you can install up to three holders.It is easy to install, just remove a vent and fit aluminium holder instead.You don't need to drill anything, nor use any glue. It is possible to go back to stock vents.It is possible to turn this holder by 10 degrees, so your gauge is better visible.Optimal solution for RS2 / S2 with turbo charged engine to integrate boost gauge in the cockpit.

This holder fits:

Audi 80 B3 B4 - RS2, S2 , V6, 2,0 2,4 2,6 2,8 Quattro, Cabrio, Coupe, Avant ...

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