Camber Plates/Caster Plates VW Golf mk1 Scirocco

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Camber Plates/Caster Plates VW Golf mk1 Scirocco

Top mount is made of high quality aluminium. Camber plates / caster plates allows you to adjust camber or caster to a greater degree. Our adjustable top mounts fits:

  • Volkswagen Golf I 77-83,
  • Scirocco I 77-83,
  • Scirocco II 84-92,
  • Jetta I 79-83,
  • Cabriolet 79-93,
  • Caddy 83-92

Our top mounts rise ride height by 1 cm. You can adjust camber or caster by +/-3,5°, without modifying the body you can't obtain more than +/-3,5° of adjustment. Viton Seals with stainless steel washer rings prevents dirt entering the mating surface. It is easy to mount, you don't have to do any extra modification. Just install the top mount provided by us. Temperature resistant up to +110° Celsius/+230° Fahrenheit.

15-16Nm (max. 17Nm) for the M6 (12.9) bolts. Please re-torque them after first kilometres.

Package contains:

  • 2x Top mount 7075 Aluminium CNC.
  • 2x Maintenance free spherical plain bearing Fluro (GXSW14: static load 70 kN, dynamic load 42 kN)
  • 2x Viton washer seal
  • 2x Nut
  • 2x Conical spacer 40HM-T / 1.7225-T / 42CrMo4-QT

Designed for:

  • VW Golf I,
  • Scirocco I,
  • Scirocco II,
  • Jetta,
  • Cabriolet,
  • Caddy
  • Volkswagen Rabbit

OEM numbers:

Top Mount replacement for vw oem: 171412329A


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