Phenolic spacer for Audi 2.7T small port V6 30V engine


Phenolic spacer for Audi 2.7T small port V6 30V engine

Phenolic inlet manifold gasket for your Audi 2.7t small port like Audi S4 acts as a barrier stopping heat transferring from the engine block through into the inlet manifold. Stopping this heat transfer results in a cooler inlet charge temperature and in doing so increases engine power in much the same way an intercooler does, except this is able to benefit a turbo and non-turbo setup. Audi RS4 2.7t small port is perfect fitted item. Specification:

  • Made of 5mm thick Phenolic plate
  • High load, static and dynamic resistant
  • High temperature resistant, up to 180 oC / 356 oF
  • Lightweight
  • Oil and other chemicals resistant
  • Excellent CNC quality
  • Perfect fitting to specific engine
  • Extra gain of power
  • Lowering under bonnet temperature

Phenolic spacer Audi 2.7t fits for:

Audi S4  RS4 Audi A6 2.7t Original gasket OEM number: 078129717N


EuropeAsia, South AmericaAfrica, North AmericaOceania, Australia
Shipping cost5 EUR10 EUR10 EUR10 EUR


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